It’s not only German television that has shown interest in the ‘Tour de Wild’: a few days ago the Japanese singer and TV star Saori Yuki came on a visit of discovery together with a TV team. She herself is a great gemstone fan and really got her money’s worth in my home town of Idar-Oberstein!

We started off in the raw stone depot in my cellar. There, my guests learned that the process that leads to a sparkling, many-faceted beauty always begins with an unprepossessing piece of rock. In my cutting shop, Saori Yuki had a chance to see that the essential factors in the creation of a consummate end product are genuine craftsmanship and precision.

After that we went to my treasure chamber, where the most precious and rarest gemstones on this Earth sparkle endlessly in various colours and facets. And my guests’ eyes lit up even more in my treasure chamber, when I showed them the shocking pink imperial topaz which is said once to have belonged to Marie-Antoinette …

It was an honour and a pleasure for me to be visited by such eminence! And I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

Constantin Wild and Yuki Saori
Constantin Wild - Japanese TV - Marie-Antoinette Ring
Marie-Antoinette Ring
Constantin Wild - Japanese TV - Yuki Saori and Crew