In convivial company, Constantin Wild, whose gemstone company bears his name, sometimes strikes up a song on his accordion. Occasionally he gives a performance ‘for fun’ together with his friend and teacher.

“For me, music is omnipresent”, says Constantin Wild. His taste goes right across the board, from jazz via rock to classical. He actually had some of the background music for his showroom composed. And music can even be heard in the garden of his holiday house – that is, if he doesn’t just happen to be playing himself at the time.

“On the accordion you can modulate the sound by the pressure you apply. That’s a bit like singing through the instrument”, explains Wild, whose friends just call him ‘Conte’. About once a week he makes music together with his friend and teacher Bernd Bunn. Now and again they give a private performance under the name ‘The Fantastic Two’, “that is, if the audience can bear it”, says Constantin Wild with a wink. In the summer, he likes to invite friends to his weekend house at Allenbach.

When they’re sitting out on the terrace together with a glass of wine enjoying the picturesque view, Conte sometimes reaches for his ‘squeeze box’ and plays songs like La Paloma or Die Capri-Fischer. His holiday house is an oasis right in the middle of the domestic countryside, a countryside that he appreciates and tries to protect. “It’s a pity Nature is being pushed back so much in many civilised parts of the world,” says Wild. For him, Nature with its inspiring colours is just as important as music to a good ‘life-work balance’.

Photos: Martin Glauner, Text: Saraj Morath

Constantin Wild making music with Bernd Bunn in his holiday house. His German wire-haired terrier ‘Arras’ is always in the thick of it too.
An impression of the property
The terrace of his weekend house is a place where Constantin Wild can relax.
An impression of the property, which even includes a small lake.