Dear gemstone lovers,

The renowned jewellery designer Stanislav Drokin also trusts for his creations in the expertise of Constantin Wild. The result: colourful and exclusive jewellery highlights!

From engraver to designer

So how did it all start? In the 80s, Drokin started his professional life by training as an engraver – and soon discovered his passion for artistic jewellery. From then on, he created items of his own, opening his first studio in 1994.

In the time that followed, the Ukrainian designer remained eager to learn: for his studies he was drawn to the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Fine Arts (KSADA). And during his training as a gemmologist, he even stopped over in Idar-Oberstein!

Aiming high

Today, Stanislav Drokin is among the best known jewellery designers in the trade. With his dainty works of art he has already won numerous awards, for example the Gold Award in the Solidscape 3D Design Competition at Baselworld 2014.

Above all, Drokin is known for his colourful creations. And when it comes to sparkling coloured stones, there’s hardly any way round Constantin’s treasure chamber!

Drokin meets Wild

These 3 extravagant items make pulses race! There is certainly no off-the-peg jewellery to be had from this Ukrainian designer: for an individualised wearing experience, the earrings are adapted precisely to fit the ears of the woman who is to wear them …

Wonderful shades of blue

These earrings unite tanzanite, moonstone, aquamarine and white gold.

Enchanting purple, shocking pink and pink

Here, rhodolite, shocking pink sapphire, morganite and white gold come together.

Warm orange and green
Drokin combines fire opal, spessartine, green agates and yellow gold.


Sparkling Greetings,