Jannis Fostieris runs the long established company E.W. Schreiber and sets great store in his creations by sparkling treasures from Idar-Oberstein.

GEM JOURNAL: Tell our readers something about the way your career has developed.

JANNIS FOSTIERIS: Like Constantin, I grew up in our family enterprise, which was founded by my grandfather in 1909. Qualified as a goldsmith, merchant and gemmologist, I now proudly continue the running of the company together with my mother. My home town of Hanau is one of the last places in Germany where traditional goldsmithery still has a fundamental significance. We manufacture individual jewellery for customers from all over the world – with precision and great attention to detail.

GJ: You’ve been in the business for over 20 years now. How come you’re still so enthusiastic today?

JF: That’s an easy one: my love for creation and craftsmanship is just endless. I think I have the most beautiful profession in the world! Apart from that, it’s my privilege to get up every morning and ask myself “Now, what can I do for the women of this world today?” As far as I’m concerned, a really beautiful piece of jewellery is the glory that crowns a well dressed woman. It’s great to be able to make a contribution to emphasising that beauty.

Jannis Fostieris – bracelet – 18k whitegold – Demantoid – Chrome Dopside

GJ: So what can the women of this world expect when Constantin Wild and Jannis Fostieris get together?

JF: I’ve known Constantin for many years and am a tremendous fan of his good taste. Time and again he has inspired me with gemstone compositions that create a really amazing picture. And that, in turn, inspires what I do.

That’s why in the case of these earrings, for example, I decided in favour of a simple design and an enclosed setting. The stones and the colours speak for themselves, don’t you think? Their selection is just 100% Constantin Wild!

A really extravagant stone has been used in this bracelet: this demantoid garnet is intensely radiant and has a fantastic brilliance.

But even the most beautiful item of jewellery fails to achieve perfection until it is united with the right wearer.

Jannis Fostieris – earrings – 18k whitegold – Peridot – Imperial Topaz – Prasiolite,- Spessartin – Diamond