Dear gemstone lovers,

at the most recent trade fair in Tucson I was visited by a film team from the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America.


They were particularly thrilled about a set of 12 sparkling and colourful stones from many different parts of the world. Each carefully selected stone in the set weighed 25 carats, so that altogether they tipped the scales at 290 carats. Aquamarine, rubellite, yellow beryl, green tourmaline, imperial topaz, peridot, tanzanite, peridot or kunzite – this set takes true gemstone lovers’ breath away!

I explained to the team that the Canary tourmaline in particular is a highlight. This stone, with its neon glow, has only been known in the trade for 15 years.

It has a high proportion of manganese to thank for its incredible shine. And this year, in fact, I had the largest specimens ever to have been cut with me! These treasures weigh 19 and 26 carats respectively!

Another highlight: a set of rubellites ‘from two continents’, South America and Africa. The star of this set weighs more than 77 carats!

Apart from that, I talked to the team about cuts, other stones, and the Tucson fair. To see the video and the story that appeared about me and my treasure chamber, click here:


GIA meets Constantin-Wild in Tucson 2015
Constantin Wild - multi-colour set with 12 rare stones - 290ct
Constantin Wild - Canary-Tourmaline - 19ct
Constantin Wild - Tourmaline - Canary Tourmaline - 26ct
Constantin Wild - Red Tourmaline - Rubellite Suite - 339 ct
Constantin Wild - Earrings-Aqua-blue
Constantin Wild - Earrings-Rubbelite
Constantin Wild - Earrings-Flower-green
Constantin Wild - Earrings-Amethyst
Constantin Wild - Earrings-flower-orange
Constantin Wild - Earrings-orange-pink