How can you put any kind of topping on an unconventional style when extravagance has been at the core of a brand for 50 years? This was the task facing Pomellato’s Creative Director Vincenco Castaldo when he began searching for an idea for the Pomellato Jubilee Collection. He found what he was looking for in the versatile world of coloured gemstones: with 50 really unusual stones, Pomellato will be celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the company this year, and with it, the beauty of Nature. As his partner in this lavish project, Vincenco Castaldo chose Constantin Wild of Idar-Oberstein, because in a unique way, we as a gemstone manufacturer full of tradition offer the whole spectrum of the fascination of gemstones, from the raw stone to final production, under a single roof.

Together, the Creative Director, his two assistants Marina De Ponti and Enrica Castelli and myself went down into my raw stone cellar in Idar-Oberstein and set off on an exciting journey of discovery. Kilo by kilo we turned over the raw stones with our hands, aiming to discover the hidden beauty of Nature and set it in the context of an exceptional design.

We were looking for gemstones that had a story to tell. That way, later on, an item of jewellery doesn’t just fulfil a decorative purpose; it‘s also convincing because of its own thoroughly personal statement. Alongside the correct mineralogical designations like zoisite, ruby, aquamarine and dendritic agate, imaginative names like “Secret Garden”, “Foggy Morning” and “White Cliffs of Dover” help to express the soul of each stone.

We also invested a good deal of effort in the selection of pavé stones designed for optimum correspondence with the colours of the principal stone. Since at Constantin Wild we can offer the combination of carrying both unusual coloured gemstones and pavé stones in our range, a combination which is very rare anywhere in the world, we were able to fulfil many of the jewellery designers’ wishes right there and then.

The Pomellato Ritratto Jubilee Collection is not a hark-back to the traditional, but a courageous step toward a forward-looking design. As an exclusive, the ‘making of’ was accompanied by Vogue and Le Figaro. We were glad to receive their editresses as guests at Constantin Wild.

Creative work in the basement of Constantin Wild
Joy of colour: Hardstones by Constantin Wild
Joy of patterns: Hardstones by Constantin Wild
Choosing the right spot: Hardstones by Constantin Wild