Since February 2022, the new postal stamps “Gems & Minerals – The Art of Nature – ” are available in all Japanese post offices. For this purpose, the Gemstone Stamp Committee of the JGS was founded, which selected the motifs last year – in close consultation with the Japanese Post Office.

In Japan, gemstones and minerals have already been depicted on stamps in the past. To create new demand in the gemstone and jewellery market, it was decided to capture the beauty and fascination of gemstones on a new stamp series.

In May 2021, the basic concept was decided: title of the stamp sheet, 10 different-coloured rough minerals on 63-yen stamps, 10 different-coloured polished gemstones on 84-yen stamps.

In contrast to past motifs, the designer has decided to use photos instead of drawings. Known for its extraordinary gems, Constantin Wild GmbH has a large library of stone photos. Therefor the Idar- Oberstein-based company was asked to select a special motif.

A Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline from Idar-Oberstein was selected from over 2000 motifs. This gemstone is a 2.50 ct Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline, in the best neon blue colour and cut in the trilliant cut. Constantin Wild offered this stone ten years ago. Today, Paraiba Tourmalines of this quality are no longer available and if they are, they are priceless, as the mines are exhausted. Accordingly, the image of this rarity is perfect for the illustration on the stamp.

After the final design was reviewed and approved by the Japan Post Advisory Committee, they announced the issuance of the “Gems and Minerals – The Art of Nature – ” stamps. In December, details of the stamp, the design of the sheet, the number of stamps to be issued and the date of issue were announced. The Gems-stamps are now official stamps of Japan Post 2022.

Today, you can see the special stone from our company on the 84-yen stamp in Japan. More than once around the world.

Grafik BM
Paraiba Tourmalin