Caterina Murino is an actress, playing among others as Bond Girl alongside Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. She is a jewellery designer with a degree from the renowned National Institute of Gemology in Paris. But first and foremost, she is a Sardinian with heart and soul – who designs breathtaking jewellery in the tradition of her homeland. Filigree masters have disappeared over the years, and only twenty of their kind still manufacture the characteristic pieces today – through her CMI jewellery line, Caterina Murino keeps the art of filigree, the millennia-old artisan tradition, alive.

Giving back to her homeland, which has given so much to her, is a matter of Caterina’s heart. In this spirit was born the idea of TEARS OF HOPE, the joint initiative with Constantin Wild.

Born in 1905, Constantin’s father Fritz had to experience two world wars. In 1972, he ended his 125th-anniversary speech with the words: “Most of all, however, my hope and sincere wish is, that never again will a war destroy all hope and success” – this hope died on 24 February.
„Unfortunately, war has returned for some of our friends, and I am grateful to join Caterina Murino in helping some victims of this cruel and senseless war”.

TEARS OF HOPE unites millennia-old craftsmanship and millennia-old beauty of nature:
Exclusively for the 175th anniversary of Constantin Wild GmbH & Co. KG, Caterina Murino created a unique gold brooch. All in the Sardinian filigree tradition, it was made by hand. The filigree masters wove an excellent 4.58-carat Brazilian rubellite and a small diamond into the delicate gold threads. The piece of jewellery can also be worn as a pendant.

The filigree jewel is a unique piece with a particular value: it will be auctioned for the benefit of Ukrainian refugees.
The auction ends on Saturday, 20 August 2022, at 12:00 MET on:


The legal action is excluded.

According to a myth, the art of filigree was invented by fairies – in the moonlight, they wove gold with precious stones and coral on enchanted looms to give each piece of jewellery magical powers to protect people from evil spirits…

Let’s keep on believing…