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The Constantin Wild gemstone manufacturing facility looks back on a long-standing tradition: 175 years and ten generations of agate cutters, goldsmiths and gemstone merchants. Since 1984, “Conte” Constantin Wild has been at the helm of this tradition-steeped family business, shaped by stories beyond belief and breathtaking landscapes along the road to the world’s ulterior regions.

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Constantin Wild represents the tenth generation of the Wild gemstone dynasty and has been running the company, now operating under the name of Constantin Wild GmbH & Co.KG, since 1996. He often travels to buy roughs and gemstones – to have them cut or recut at the domestic manufacturing facility. When he works from his office, he supervises the cutting processes and sales, maintains contact with the highest representatives of the international world of jewellery and advises private and institutional collectors who entrust him with the search for – and cutting of – their gemstones. “I have the most beautiful job in the world”, he says. Even after almost forty years, Constantin Wild’s fascination for the infinite variety of coloured gemstones remains unbroken.


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Tourmaline has one of the widest colour ranges of any gem species, occurring in various shades of virtually every hue. Since the 1990’s, fascinating tourmalines were mined near the town of Mavuco in the Zambézia region of Mozambique. In the mine that produces the world famous blue and green Paraiba Tourmalines, this outstanding specimen was recently discovered. The absence of copper gives this gem a remarkable green colour rather like a Tsavorite green than a Tourmaline green. A rare collectable and unique beauty.


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The elegant building at Hauptstrasse 103 looks back on more than a century of gemstone tradition. Here, at the Constantin Wild GmbH & Co. KG headquarters, built by Wilhelm Constantin Wild in 1911, Constantin Wild welcomes selected customers. At the showroom, they head off on a journey into the fascinating world of gemstones. Each corner hides a secret of centuries-old traditions – witnesses to a family that has written gemstone history. But looking back helps one to move forward: at the cutting workshop, past and present become a coherent entity. When long-standing craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology work in perfect harmony, the knowledge gathered over centuries becomes tangible.


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Experiencing the world of gemstones means experiencing the world of Constantin Wild … welcome! At Hauptstrasse 103, the myth of gems comes alive in the truest sense. In the cellar of rough stones, the rarest unprocessed stones from the most remote places in the world are waiting to unfold their beauty – which they do at the cutting workshop, under the hands of our artisans. With dedication, masterful skill and patience, they unveil the coloured splendour hiding inside the plain shell. Some of the finest gems delight the eye in the Gem Room, the in-house presentation room, while the jewels that are currently most exclusive are kept in the treasure chamber. The journey of discovery ends at the Gem Bar, in serenity and calm.

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Among gemstone connoisseurs and lovers, the small town on the River Nahe enjoys worldwide fame: Idar-Oberstein, the world capital of gemstones, home to the gemstone knowledge of more than half a millennium. To date, the most precious gemstones have originated from this small town on the southern edge of the famous Hunsrueck – worth a visit for many other reasons too. Idar-Oberstein is a paradise for connoisseurs who know how to treat themselves well: perhaps with a well deserved break at BollAnts, which received an award as the best wellness hotel in the Rhineland-Palatinate, or an excellent wine from the region, from the hand-picked grapes of the Emrich-Schönleber winery, or by savouring an original spit roast, a regional culinary delight. Why not explore the region, visit Frankfurt’s elegant Goethestrasse or the romantic castle of Heidelberg or delve into history in Trier – the oldest diocese north of the Alps … all just a stone’s throw from the world capital of coloured wealth.


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The oldest sapphire deposits are in Sri Lanka. There, people were already digging for gemstones in ancient times. Sapphires usually come in blue or pink, though there is also a rare yellow variety. The lemon yellow especially enhances its fascination and uniqueness. This unheated 13-carat sapphire is special, both in terms of fashion and as a collector’s item.