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175 Years of Constantin Wild

Constantin Wild / Nina Hald (eds.)

With contributions by Vivienne Becker, Katinka Champion, Maria Doulton, Richard R. Drucker, Çiğdem Lüle, Katerina Perez, and Gary Roskin

Graphic design: Lifestudio, Thorsten Lönnecker
312 pp., 25 x 34 cm, approx. 425 ills.
Hardcover in slipcase. English.

€ 124 [D] / US$ 210 / £ 138
ISBN 978-3-89790-626-6
November 2021

Founded in Idar-Oberstein in 1847, the company Constantin Wild has left its mark on the world of gemstones like barely any other enterprise. For its 175th anniversary, Constantin Wild, great-grandson of the company’s founder, has been out on the trail of history. He now takes us back to the beginnings of the Wild family, which looks back on a tradition of 400 years of artistic stonecutting and also in the trading of one-of-a-kind gemstones. Travel with him around the globe on the quest for the most beautiful and rarest stones. Discover sublime items of jewelry—a selection of the very best, the zenith of international haute joaillerie. Their beauty begins with the stone, and often enough this begins chez Constantin Wild: without that fine cut, by adept craftsmen and artists, the expressive color of the gemstone fails to come into its own. Only once it has been subjected to these processes can the gemstone unfold its true character, to reach its final fiery, vivacious brilliance. The opulently designed publication Gems, Colours & Wild Stories is an homage to and an affirmation of love for the irrepressible diversity of these extremely valuable gemstones.

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‘The Value of Colours’ by Constantin Wild goes digital

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Constantin Wild (*1964) comes from a gemstone family: he runs the family enterprise Constantin Wild GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1847, and represents the fourth generation of that family in doing so.

Wild lets the reader look into his safe and narrates the history of some very special gems. There are episodes from his life as a gemstone merchant, and stories of his family and his home town Idar-Oberstein, Germany’s ‘gemstone metropolis’. The qualified gemmologist tells of experiences involving all aspects of these coveted coloured gems, shows his favourites and explains the fine art of gemstone cutting. And he takes the reader with him on his journeys all over the world, which have but a single goal: that of finding even more beautiful, better and more valuable gemstones.

‘The Value of Colours’ is a very personal (picture) book. The author is an enthusiast, a man whose profession is also his favourite hobby: a man who is ‘wild about gems’.


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“For natures like mine a journey is invaluable; it animates, corrects, instructs and develops.” This wise pronouncement came from no lesser personality than Johann Wolfgang von Goethe himself. And I am glad, in the first issue of the Gem Journal, to be able to take you on just such a journey. A journey through my fascinating world of gemstones. And not least: a journey through my homeland. People who know me are aware of the fact that I love adventure and different cultures – be they in South America, Africa or Asia. But Idar-Oberstein, my oasis of wellbeing, is the place I like to be best of all. That’s why I’ve dedicated a large part of this issue to the Deutsche Vita. Let’s set out together on a journey from Frankfurt, the metropolis on the Main, to my Gem Room! … Sparkling greetings Constantin Wild


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Enchanté! I’m delighted to be able to present you with a new edition of the Gem Journal. On this occasion too, we’ll be off on a fascinating journey. After all, what city embodies that luxurious attitude to life better than Paris, the capital of haute joaillerie? Having said that, even the most magnificent item of jewellery needs a stone that has been cut to perfection: so it’s a good thing that Idar-Oberstein is not all that far away. And you can enjoy a fairly luxurious life in my hometown too. On the pages that follow, you can learn plenty of interesting things about Franco-German gemstone history and you will also see that my treasure chamber holds numerous items that glitter in the colours of the Tricolore…


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The current edition is set against a backdrop of Nature and balance. That’s why we’ve selected the colour green. For it is Mother Earth that we have to thank for a particularly valuable treasure – sparkling beauties from her very depths.

Green also symbolises harmony. As a family enterprise which is regionally based but acts globally, we are very much committed to this accord with our environment. Ever since our founding over 170 years ago, we have maintained honest relations with our customers and business partners. In some cases, the families of our employees have been closely associated with us for generations – as have our suppliers. And we also have a very special relationship with our roots. That’s why we are committed to our company location in Idar-Oberstein. You can see for yourself how strongly we feel integrated in Nature. Let yourself be seduced by ‘different shades of green’. I take great pleasure in inviting you to an expedition through my homeland.

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Gem Journal ‘THE FANTASY GIFT EDITION’ goes digital

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It’s out and on line – ‘THE FANTASY GIFT EDITION’ of my premium magazine GEM JOURNAL. On this occasion, I’m going to take you on a high-carat journey from New York straight to Idar-Oberstein. Learn how two American ladies came to create the perfect locket in my gemstone workshop. Learn about the fascination of paraiba tourmalines. And discover the beauty and sophisticated luxury lifestyle of my homeland.

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Sparkling greetings,
Constantin Wild