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Our life is the everlasting quest for the most beautiful and sumptuous of their kind: the world’s rarest gemstones. They are the compass guiding us to the most remote and exotic corners of the Earth because that is where they long to be found – and where we will find them: the best three per cent, the only ones worth Constantin Wild’s attention. Driven by curiosity and thrilling anticipation, no journey is too long for our passion. And only the skilled hands of our artisans will unveil their true nature: loud or silent, buoyant or discreet, opulent or modest, classical or extravagant. The splendour of these colours is never-ending and longs to be rediscovered again and again – by us, for you.


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Grey and bland, like a pebble, and yet a masterpiece of Mother Nature. Only the adept can guess at the secret beauty hiding inside the mysterious shell. And only the true master can bring that beauty to life. Besides colour and clarity, the choice of cut and the excellence of execution determines the value. Cabochon or faceting? Planning the cut is a matter for the boss – an experienced eye, fingers gliding gently over the surface … the future of the roughs lies in the hands of Constantin Wild. At the in-house manufacturing facility, devoted artisans, every one an artist of his or her trade, unveil the full radiance of colours with intuition, patience and the help of state-of-the-art technology, and little by little roughs are transformed into the world’s most precious treasures.


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In 1735, some topazes found in Brazil were so beautiful that the epithet ‘imperial’ seemed appropriate. Today too, the most valuable stones come from here, and only they bear the name ‘imperial topaz’. That makes them ‚relatives‘ of the Burmese jade, for it is only with these two stones, which both get their colour from the rare element chromium, that the noblest are titled ‘imperial‘. This outstanding Imperial Topaz features a mixture of colours in one stone: from a pinkish-orange to the highly coveted pinkish-red. One of the best gems in the world.

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Sublimely superior … there’s nothing to compare with haute joaillerie. Strictly reserved for the world’s finest, it represents the pinnacle of jewellery craftsmanship – a few, hand-picked names, evermore associated with the most sumptuous jewellery creations, the illustrious circle of the most exclusive vendors of exquisite artworks that make hearts beat faster. The story of the most valuable jewels begins with the stone … and on many occasions it starts at Constantin Wild, with a paraiba tourmaline perhaps, shimmering in the peerless green and blue shades of the Caribbean, or a mandarin garnet and the warm shine of its unparalleled bold orange. These are crowning moments that last for ever. Immeasurable values, true luxury that money cannot buy.

The pictures show examples of international jewelry designers who work with stones from Constantin Wild.

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The extremely rare paraiba tourmaline, found first in Brazil, later in Nigeria and Mozambique, is typically a small neon blue or green gem. Most tourmalines get their colour from traces of iron, chromium and vanadium, but the paraiba has traces of copper, and often manganese. Their perfect interaction enhances the fascination. This saturated, swimming pool blue, flawless 15-carat paraiba tourmaline is one of the best ones ever found. A very attractive gem.