The Task was nothing less than to create a jewellery collection where unusual minerals become a work of art. Armonie Minerali should be a collection that shows raw beauty and nature within a surprising combination of minerals. The rings and pendants should combine minerals that are little-known and often overlooked.

Pomellato creating “Armonie Minerali” Collection at Constantin Wild’s
And where else would you find these kind of unusual combination of gems than at Constantin Wild hidden gems stone home. As his partner in this lavish project, Vincenco Castaldo – Pomellato’s Creative Director – chose Constantin Wild of Idar-Oberstein, because in a unique way, we as a gemstone manufacturer full of tradition offer the whole spectrum of the fascination of gemstones, from the raw stone to final production, under a single roof.

Pomellato creating “Armonie Minerali” Collection at Constantin Wild’s
The result speaks for itself. “This new collection is a game of complicity between Man and Nature, where craftsmanship and natural beauty unite in a joyous dance of unexpected combinations to form a new unity. After all, playfulness, with a touch of irony and irreverence, is a defining trait of Pomellato”, Vincenzo Castaldo describes the Armonie Minerali collection.

Yellow gold, pink opal, Austrian Pinolite, Dendritic blue opal off-set by a band of black diamonds or rubies: The collection combines just two cabochon cut hard stones, one band of pavé gemstones and a smooth rose gold in each piece of art.

Creative work in the basement of Constantin Wild
Together, the Creative Director, his two assistants Marina De Ponti and Enrica Castelli and myself yet again went down into my raw stone cellar in Idar-Oberstein and set off on an exciting journey of discovery.

The aim was to find hard stones for 38 rings, which were then cut into softly formed cabochons and paired with another for contrast in colour and pattern. We were searching for little-known gems, aiming to discover the hidden beauty of nature and raw beauty, so that Vincenzo and his design team can set them in the context of an exceptional design. Demonstrating that less is more in design, the stones found were paired and joined only by a simple band of precious gems.
Every stone in my basement has a story to tell. Some of them last way back into our almost 175 years company history. That way the soul of each chosen stone turns the item of jewellery from a decorative purpose only into a convincing thoroughly personal statement.

As you can imagine, we invested a good deal of effort in the selection of stones that made a perfect match corresponding with each other. Since at Constantin Wild we can offer the combination of carrying both unusual coloured gemstones in our range, a combination which is very rare anywhere in the world, we were able to fulfil many of the jewellery designers’ wishes right there and then.

The Amonie Minerali Collection is described “a whole new level of jewellery”. Published in Vogue and other leading luxury magazines all over the world, we were glad to receive their editors and editresses as guests at Constantin Wild.

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Pomellato creating “Armonie Minerali” Collection at Constantin Wild’s
Pomellato creating “Armonie Minerali” Collection at Constantin Wild’s
Constantin Wild – Concept, Colours, & Gems – A Creative day with Pomellato
Pomellato creating “Armonie Minerali” Collection at Constantin Wild’s
Pomellato creating “Armonie Minerali” Collection at Constantin Wild’s
Pomellato creating “Armonie Minerali” Collection at Constantin Wild’s