Dear gemstone lovers,

Light, warmth and creativity. That’s what comes to my mind when I handle this stone. No lesser personality than Goethe himself was of the opinion that orange emanates particularly large amounts of positive energy.

The stone that I’d like to introduce to you today doesn’t just captivate you by its colour, however, but also, and above all, by its weight. This exclusive mandarin garnet tips the scales at no less than 103 carats! A stone like this is absolutely unique. So it’s perfectly placed in my premium line ‘more than just rare’.

The mandarin garnet has only been known for just under 20 years. At the beginning of the 1990s I got a phonecall from Kunene in Namibia saying that some stones with a wonderful orange brilliance had been found there. Shortly after that, I found myself holding one of the first specimens in my hand. It was love at first sight. Up to that time, gemstones in such a fruity colour had been unheard of, so they needed a name of their own. As the names of their discoverer and the place where they were found were both tongue-twisters, we called the stone mandarin garnet – and that’s how it’s still known today.

The deposits in Namibia were soon exhausted. Yet only a few years later – tidings of great joy! – these much coveted top-quality stones were also discovered in Nigeria. My stone was found there too. And the luminosity and purity of these West African flares inspires me again and again.

Satisfying though the feeling of possessing such a spectacular gemstone may be, the chance to do so may be very short-lived. For it’s not clear how long the Nigerian mines are going to go on being able to deliver. It may all be over again tomorrow.

At the next opportunity I’ll be glad to show you my little treasure trove in person.


Sparkling greetings,


Constantin Wild