Dear gemstone lovers,

Hong Kong, Tucson, Basel. I love travelling the world. Yet home is still the best place to be. In my garden, where the cherries are already ripe. And if, in addition to that, I have a few friendly people around me – I’m perfectly happy!

Just recently I had a visit from a group of 17 from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain – or Gem-A – one of the leading providers of jewellery and gem education. The trip was organised by Deborah Mazza, who once lived in Idar-Oberstein herself, and Charles Evans, responsible for infrastructure and IT. After all, Idar-Oberstein has been, and still is, Europe’s top destination for gemstone connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

And when I have guests to look after, I leave nothing to chance …

Let the ‘TOUR DE WILD’ begin

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Under a bright sky I welcomed my guests in front of my residence and place of business. They could hardly wait to get in!

A little later, I let them immerse themselves in the world of gemstones: in the cellar, where numerous raw stones lie in trays, awaiting their chance. Or the cutting-shop, where my team puts the finishing touches to my treasures. And finally, the visitors reached the very heart of my establishment – the Gem Room. Together we browsed my treasure chamber, chock-full of stones, some of them far rarer than diamonds, for example the imperial topaz from Brazil.

Idar-Oberstein for the observer – and the gourmet!

The day continued in the garden with a culinary specialty from my home town. And as for the spiessbraten originally having come from Brazil, well, that’s a story I’ll be happy to tell you another time! πŸ™‚

With delicious pinot gris, riesling, even more spiessbraten and some great music, we enjoyed a fantastic evening – and even danced around my beloved cherry tree.Β 

Sparkling greetings,

Constantin Wild