Dear gemstone lovers,

there’s a chance now to experience a film version of Constantin’s world: on Japanese television!

The TV station BS-TBS is making a series and looking for ‘elegant jewellery stories’. It goes without saying that the crew were in exactly the right place in my treasure chamber.

My Japanese guests were thrilled with their little ‘tour de Wild’. We started off in the raw stone basement, where natural treasures are stored. In our in-house cutting-shop, my employees showed the camera crew some genuine German craftsmanship.

As for the wonderful way the most precious treasures of this earth sparkle and shine once they’ve been given the final touch, well, the production team found out about that at the end of their tour, in my exclusive Gem Room.

Another exciting day with wonderful guests! I can’t wait to see what they’ve made of it all!

You can see the ‘Deutsche Vita’ and the fascinating world of gemstones this Saturday, May 9, at 17:00 on BS-TBS, channel 6.

I hope you can take the time to look in!

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It was great working together with Mr Toru Imahashi and Ms Satomi Schmidt
I show the film crew a few valuable raw stones
Sparkling treasures in my Gem Room
An outdoor shot of my house at Hauptstrasse 103
Lots to see and talk about in the Gem Room